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      Vitamin E oil

      Product description
      It is clear, colorless, light greenish yellow oily liquid.
      Product identification
      Synonyms: tocopherol acetate
      Chemical Abstracts Registration Number: 7695-91-2
      List of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances in Europe Registration No .: 231-710-0
      International Named Cosmetics Ingredients Name: Vitamin E Acetate
      Chemical structure
      Clear, colorless, slightly greenish yellow, viscous oily liquid. Compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia, USP, US Food and Drug Code.
      A: Optical rotation             -0.01o~+0.01o     EP
      B: IR IR         Consistent with the EP / USP / FCC standard
      C: TLC thin layer chromatography  EP and EP standards
      D: color reaction is the United States Pharmacopoeia / American Food and Chemical Code
      Pharmacopoeia requirements
      The synthetic tocopherol acetate contained in the product is tested to meet the requirements of the US Food and Drug Code, the US Pharmacopoeia, and the European Pharmacopoeia.

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